2014 > Six Desires

The word “Seven Emotions and Six Desires” in Chinese means the emotions and sensory pleasures that people were born with. Chinese think we as human beings can easily express these emotions and experience these sensory pleasures without learning. In this series, I focus on the six desires that are the desire to taste, the desire to see, the desire to think, the desire to listen, the desire to smell, and the desire to feel. When I was working on these series, I, as a Chinese, was even shocked by the profound and complicated Chinese culture. The process of creating these artworks helps me to learn and review my own culture, through which I inspected myself and grow into a more mature person. This is also what I want the viewers to get: learn about Chinese culture and encourage introspection.

Desire to Taste
Desire to Taste
Photogravure, Chine-collé